1. Hell Yes Ma'am

From the recording Hell Yes Ma'am Sessions

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Hell Yes Ma'am

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Originally written as a joke, turned into an anthem for Raleigh's flagship craft beer.

Dedicated to a great friend of Cosmic Superheroes and Raleigh Brewing:

Jim "Zim" Schaeffer


She is smooth
She is booze
Hell yes ma’am

Gets me right
Every time
Hell yes ma’am

Take a trip, walk by Meredith
Make Some Friends when you walk on in
Glasses tinkling and you’re in the zone
Just one sip and you know you’re home
Hell Yes Ma’am, Hell Yes Ma’am, Hell Yes Ma’am, Hell Yes Ma’am

Hey all cheers
Drown your fears
Hell Yes Ma'am

She is bold
And she’s cold
Hell Yes Ma'am

Here’s to Zim
We miss him