A genre-bending rock quartet from Raleigh, NC, Cosmic Superheroes blend creative songwriting, catchy lyrics, and danceable improv jams, vowing to give audiences a unique experience each show.  A fun addition to the Southeast music scene, these guys consistently create interesting moments shifting between many styles packaged into cartons of joy.

In Spring 2020, the group will release their 3rd full-length studio album, titled simply, Cosmic Superheroes.  Featuring 9 new original tracks, this collection is the band’s first ever LP on vinyl. This collection of tunes showcases heady songwriting, mesmerizing riffs, and blazing grooves. 

A message from the band...

Recording has been going great and we have been documenting our process more than ever before! Check Facebook and YouTube for the "Beyond the Cosmic" and "Remote Tracking Project" videos.  We are so full of Cosmic energy and ready to share this music with you!

We'd appreciate it very much if you would take a moment to check out our: 
Cosmic Crowdfunder and Vinyl Record Preorder Page
...we're so excited to get this album in your hands and in your ears, and we can't thank you enough for letting us into your mind and hearts with these songs. We worked really hard on this thing for over the last year (especially Bongo John!), and are bursting at the seams to get it to you.  We need your support more than ever before, and getting this album out the door without maxxing out all of our credit cards will really help our band stay together and tight, writing songs, and playing them for you.  We appreciate everyone who urged us to make this vinyl record and promised to contribute to our Crowdfunder to make it happen.  

TO SHOW OUR APPRECIATION for your support in this Crowd-funding endeavor, we went ahead and had our good friend Tom Miller go ahead and master (completely finish) two of the songs so we could share them with you.  Download them instantly with any Donation to our campaign, and stream them on the Cosmic Crowdfunder Page.  These tracks won't be available on Spotify or Apple Music or any of those until about mid-March, so get your hands on them now at the only place you can, right here!  Even .99 cents helps us towards our goal! 2 unreleased Cosmic tunes for a buck! how can you beat that?!

Thank you so much for being a part of this.  You make it all happen.

New HOODIES and Cosmic T's just added! 

NEW SHOWS just announced on the calendar!   Keep up with us on Facebook for more announcements and odd videos from the crew :)



Maj Deeka, The Wright Avenue, Cosmic Superheroes, Awen Family Band

Lincoln Theatre, 126 E. Cabarrus St, Raleigh

Maj Deeka's Hometown Spring Jam is a celebration of our area's blossoming jam-oriented music community. Join us April 11th at the historic Lincoln Theatre for a night dedicated to good vibes, original music, cross pollination, and the people that make these experiences so infectious; YOU!

$12 adv. $16 day of show Doors: 7pm, show at 8

$12 Adv /$16 DoS


Cosmic Superheroes - PRIVATE EVENT in Raleigh

Yep! We do private events from time to time! If you're interested in having the Cosmic Superheroes play at your event, hit that Contact button above and we'll try to make something happen for you :)