1. Make Her Mine

From the recording Cosmic Superheroes

Featuring some friendly guest musicians for a first-ever in-studio brass section, this jazz-influenced number aims right at the feels, wearing a satisfied grin.


She’s the best thing that's happened to me
She reminds me of the girl from my dreams
I think we'll make an unbeatable team
I just want to make her mine

The way she’s smiling is driving me wild
She’d bring you hot sauce if you ordered mild
She is the candy store and I'm but a child
I just want to make her mine

Just wanna make her mine
I love her all the time
She makes my gray skies blue
So while I have the chance
I'll ask her for this dance, and say,
“Baby, I love you”

Sometimes I wonder why she even chose me
If she’s an A-Plus, I'm barely a C (maybe a D!)
I better buy a ring 'fore she starts running
I just want to make her mine