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"Saving the world one jam at a time, Cosmic Superheroes, has joined forces like musical Avengers to release their newest album, ‘Big Star.’ The North Carolina natives have reached out from their fortress of solitude and Jam Band Purist recently released their title track to the new album. We had a great response, reaching over 1000 views in just a few days. JBP has been working hard to get the best reviews, interviews, newest acts and album critiques that we can and Cosmic Superheroes review is up next. So, put on your capes, its time for the goods. 

The opening track to this album, "Wants" is a great example of how to gain interest in the entire album itself from a good first impression. Immediately reminiscent of a more, singer-songwriter sound; lyrics and storytelling seem to be at the forefront of this bands attributes. "Wants" tells a real story and delves into the human psyche concerning the pressure of societal needs and every day life. The keyboard lick from Paul Sanders, keeps this song stuck in your head long after listening. 

"Big Star" is a straightforward song with a message about the hypocrisy and duplicity within the Rock 'n' Roll industry. With great vocal harmonies, a great melody and production quality, this title track to 'Big Star' is a great platform for Cosmic Superheroes to spring from. "Lonely" takes our celestial journey back to the 1950s-60s with a very R & B feel and song structure; vocals again taking precedent in this bands sound and song writing techniques. I enjoyed the sound of this one because it harkens back to a much more innocent time in Rock 'n' Roll while juxtaposing the other lyrical songs on this album. 

For me it's hard to choose a favorite between, "Moment Of Sugar" and "Sunray" as the best songs on this album but then I hear “What!” and everything changed. Mixed between these two great songs is “Top Of Our Lungs” and will let that song speaks for itself, with great drum work from Bongo John Metcalf and Paul Benner on bass. "Moment Of Sugar" comes just when I think I'm settling in for another vocal driven performance. Cosmic Superheroes completely flips the script and goes full jam mode really bringing the guitar from Brandon Mclean on this one. This is where I really start to understand Cosmic Superheroes sound and get sucked into their cosmic vibration. "Sunray" is a blistering melodic composition that accentuates the guitar and adds a little bit of electro with the keyboard synth. This song goes right along with “Moment Of Sugar” and takes Cosmic Superheroes to another level. I think “Sunray” hits the jam mark a little more than “Moment Of Sugar” but both are equally worthy of praise and show a great creative apperception. 

“What!” a short but raw composition, can only be described as high-powered and ephemeral. This song reminded me a lot of Phish, as the guitar takes the lead but this one ends shortly with an echoed “WHAT!” that leaves me wanting a lot more. This is a song that could be taken to extreme jam territory at any moment during a live concert setting. If this song were just a little bit longer, it would hands down be my favorite track from ‘Big Star’ and even, Cosmic Superheroes. "Fiend" returns to the storytelling approach of Cosmic Superheroes as the narrator recounts a lost love relationship and finding themselves, down and out, on the beach somewhere. The album returns to "Big Star" for the conclusion of Cosmic Superheroes sophomore album. 

Cosmic Superheroes really impressed me with songs like "What!" and "Sunray." While the singer-songwriting nature and quality of the lyrics are prominent and poignant, I still enjoy the more jam driven compositions. As with many of the bands Jam Band Purist reviews, it's often difficult to compare live performances with recorded ones. I think these songs would really shine during live shows and I hope that Cosmic Superheroes continues to grow and expand their musical diversity in the time to come. Check out the full ‘Big Star’ album at for more. Thanks again for taking the time to read our reviews."