Carolina-based Cosmic Superheroes blend creative songwriting, catchy lyrics, and danceable improv jams, vowing to give audiences a unique experience each show. A fun addition to the Southeast music scene, these guys consistently create interesting moments shifting between many styles packaged into cartons of joy.  Every show is different, every song sets a mood, and every lyric keeps you listening for the next one.

In Summer 2020, the group released their 3rd full-length studio album, titled simply, Cosmic Superheroes. Featuring 9 new original tracks, this collection is the band’s first ever LP on vinyl. This collection of tunes showcases heady songwriting, mesmerizing riffs, and blazing grooves.

In Spring 2022, expect a new collaboration album you'd never expect.  More details coming soon!


Stop by our socials to learn more about him and where he came from over the coming weeks!

Fall is here and new shows are getting booked and announced, so keep up with our calendar and we hope to see you soon. 

And YES, we STILL love doing private parties!


Brandon, Bongo, Paul, & Beamon


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